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Transportation Management Software (TMS) is the foundation for modern logistics and supply chain companies. The TITANS TMS is advanced software that enables you to manage the movement of goods in real-time. Your TMS does three major tasks it automates your logistics team communications, provides you with access to live data, and streamlines your decision-making process. By automating the logistic system, the TITANS TMS also reduces costs. The Logistics Titans team is here to simplify automating your transportation processes.

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Domestic Transportation You Can Rely On

We pride ourselves on being able to service all of our clients’ domestic transportation needs. That is why we offer end-to-end domestic freight services that are flexible, seamless, and transparent.  Logistics Titans has all of your domestic transportation needs covered including LTL, FTL, White Glove, local pickup and delivery, and domestic heavyweight air.  You get the support of our award-winning 24/7 customer service team, transportation services, and compliance expertise at no additional cost. 

We track and report to your specifications while delivering the efficiency and excellence you expect and deserve. We are big on customization which is why we offer a wide variety of shipment options to support various cargo sizes and expedited time frames with the expertise required to meet even the most stringent requirements and ensure clearances.

Experienced Customer Service Team.

Communication is Key.

Experts in Dispute and Problem Resolution.


Because Results Matter

Specializing in servicing both freight forwarders and direct shippers, we are positioned to drive efficiencies into your processes while reducing costs. Our fully integrated systems keep you and your customers appraised every step of the way. We listen attentively to exactly what our clients need, their desired outcomes, and their budgets.

We strategize, envision, and then enact the entire process of servicing a client from start to finish. It is during this time that we identify potential issues and build in safeguards to prevent them from happening. Within these parameters, we leverage a host of capabilities both internally and externally, if needed, to exceed client expectations. Our customer service department is innovative and high touch, supported by years of experience and collective knowledge.  Whether it is one project or deep, organizational integration you need, our team works as an extension of your own. 

Less-than-truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload.

Private Label TMS - Tariff Hosting.

EDI/API Technology.

Final Mile Deliveries.

Domestic Heavyweight Air.

We Are 

The Foremost Technology-Driven 3PL

As a forward-thinking, results-driven 3PL, we offer our clients custom, value-focused freight solutions that transform their logistics practices and create meaningful cost savings. Our clients appreciate our award-winning customer service and how we listen and pour over the details to ensure nothing is overlooked. Beyond the human touch, Logistics Titans is also known for our commitment to constantly finding and adopting the best and latest technologies to benefit our clients. Our clients know that if there is a technology that can improve or make possible something previously unreachable, we likely already have it and know how to apply it. 

This is perhaps best exemplified by our very own “TITANS TMS”, the industry’s best, highly custom transportation management system that offers the most responsive, data-rich, and transparent real-time tracking capability out there.

We are the largest agent for CRST Specialized.

TMS built for both Freight Forwarders and Shippers.

Responsible and Reliable.

Flexible and Consistent.