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Technology firm’s come to us because we leverage the latest in logistics technology and integrate it expertly. They stay because they love the results.

Shipment Tracking & Visibility‚Äč

All the pieces of technology that makeup Logistics Titans’ sophisticated tracking system execute tough and sometimes complicated solutions, and they keep you informed, too. It's not knowledge unless it's being shared, here is a great resource to share with your management team: The How To Guide To Choosing the Right Logistics Transportation Management Software.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Logistics Titans is the ability to access real-time data via our technology. You can access shipment tracking and inventory visibility information in several ways, including e-mail, online portal access, and mobile apps. This shipment tracking and visibility means that you can locate your shipment from anywhere in the world.

With complete global shipment tracking and visibility available at your fingertips, you can rest assured that we not only create solutions that meet your needs but that we empower you to manage with speed and ease, too.

On-Board Technology

At Logistics Titans, each of our trucks is equipped with GPS technology that allows two-way communication and immediate updated information in Logistics Titans’ systems.

This on-board technology enables our operation teams to access all information relating to a job site, and request more, if necessary. Also, by scanning the serialized barcode on each item, we keep an updated status of all items on the shipment. We provide online access to information about your shipment so that the on-board intelligence we receive is in your hands as well. To find out more about our on-board technology and how it can serve you, contact Logistics Titans, and begin planning your next supply chain solution.

We bring ultimate visibility to inventory tracking by utilizing:

Serialized bar-code scanning
GPS communications
Online access

Logistics Titans’ technology fully supports our solutions for inventory management and extends from transit to warehousing.

From a simple delivery to complex vendor managed inventory scenarios, Logistics Titans can handle it. Our technology tracks ownership and product identification even through product postponement and assembly, if necessary.

Our Inventory Management Technology also makes it possible for you to track the status and placement of your items with ease.

Contact us to find out how easy it is to track your shipments with Logistics Titans technology.